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environmental communications.


Pooja Gupta

Pooja is a multimedia artist with a focus on science communication, from Hyderabad, India. With a specialist interest in ecology and wildlife conservation, she uses design thinking to develop multimedia content for science education. Her hands-on approach to communicating conservation has taken her across the world to work on a wide spectrum of projects: from assisting on media workshops in the remote Peruvian Amazon to filming in the Maldives, and developing campaign media to protect the dugongs of the Andaman Islands.

She collaborates with a range of experts across disciplines to make a positive impact in conservation, such as field biologists, independent researchers, filmmakers and leading environmental organisations in the country. She is also the recent recipient of the Jackson Wild Emerging Filmmaker Summit Scholarship.

Learn more about my journey as a multimedia artist at: Link to interview with Sanctuary Asia (2021)

An overview of my journey into the natural world (2018)


Set up at the intersection of art and science, we use a cross-disciplinary approach to make

information accessible and relatable to all.

Whether you are looking to translate your research effective visuals or to visually communicate an important message that is both aesthetically appealing and easy to understand, we’ll tell your story!



The wide range of projects we engage with are backed by insights from experts in the field. We couldn’t be more thankful to the support we have at different stages in our process!

Rita Banerji,

Environmental and Wildlife Filmmaker

Project Director, Green Hub


Liz Smith,

Filmmaker and Impact Strategist

Co-Producer, YOUTH v GOV


Rohan Arthur,

Scientific Advisor

Marine biologist,

Nature Conservation Foundation



Project Partners

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We are always looking for cross-functional and multidisciplinary partners to collaborate with. 
If you are an organisation or an individual in need of a communications expert - or have an exciting project idea that needs to be built up from a nascent stage, we’d love to work with you!
None of our work would have been possible without the involvement of our amazing project partners.