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The dugong is one of the most endangered marine mammals in Indian waters today. Being elusive and inhabiting remote or often turbid waters adds to the mysteriousness of these mammals. This film gives an insight into the lives of a small isolated population of dugongs in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. This was made possible through a decade long research programme. It highlights the present status of the animal, its habitat and suggests simple ways that can contribute towards its well being.
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Developing science communication material towards a campaign for spreading awareness and information regarding the habitats and sites for the dugongs in the Andamans - their state animal - a gentle, enigmatic and endangered creature.
How can one effect awareness, consciousness and action?
Can an image transcend from beauty and appreciation to a response of "bio-philia"?

Can art in fact change the way people understand and react?

Artistic renders for posters

Traditional renders for in-water signages

An infographic about the Dugong for the Andaman Islands


Elrika D'Souza, Nature Conservation Foundation with EARTH CoLab


Graphic Design, Illustration, Film

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