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Squirrels of India

There are over 40 species of Squirrels in India. Doesn't that blow your mind? With my scholarship with Creature Conserve
I was able to take a bit of dive into their world.

In collaboration with the SCIURID Lab, at IISER, Tirupati, for my project, I decided to develop a social media base to
help initiate a citizen science program in India, for squirrels while exploring different formats and tools to create material for
awareness around squirrels.



A glimpse into the project process post interviews and public survey.

Initial stylisation and layout drafts

Draft Two

Final slides for Five Striped Palm Squirrel

Palm Squirrels Habitats

Palm Squirrels Food

For conceptual artwork created as a final piece for my scholarship, please visit: LINK

Please follow @squirrels.of.india on instagram for more!

With Creature Conserve

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