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Field Journaling: Swamps

So what is the relevance of field journals today?

We find that there is no tool that can match a black sheet of paper and few pens. One could take a photograph of a bird or a flower, but there is something about sitting still and observing

every little detail and copying it down yourself, which no fleeting moment of clicking a button can teach us. Field journals are for everyone. It’s up to each participant to decide what he or she wants to make it – perhaps a research project, a seasonal calendar, an artistic collection of sketches, or even poetry.

The coolest part of the ‘Nature Journal’ is that it is unique to ones own journey of discovery and learning within a place.

We are once again overwhelmed to immerse ourselves in the space and process,
awakening the senses and imagination, engaging with the inspiring and curious
minds that only children truly possess.

On site observations being recorded

Rapid sketching exercises

Crafting a story, visualizing and developing a monster

Microscopic observations with specimens found on field

Setting up and raising our home wired drone system for aerial mapping


Waldorf Skolan Gnesta, Art Lab Gnesta, EARTH CoLab



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