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Say no to plastic

When we think of disaster we think of earthquakes or typhoons, war or tsunamis, and rightly so –
the devastation caused by these is tragic and immense. But there is one disaster that is revealing itself to be one of the greatest of our time: plastic pollution. All over the world’s oceans discarded plastics and microplastics are found in water samples, along beaches, and inside the stomachs of marine life and shore birds. Even our table salt contains microplastics – the tiny remnants of plastic that has broken apart into its smallest elements. These elements take 500 to 1000 years to completely degrade. Meanwhile, it is estimated that 100, 000 marine mammals* are killed from the plastics polluting our oceans (*ecowatch).
We have collaborated on a piece which examines the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans.
This collaboration represents the true global nature of the problem and recognises that we do not face, and cannot resolve, these issues in isolation.
Michelle and I connected over Instagram and a mutual admiration of each other’s work led to the current collaboration. Our aim is to present a series of works which draw attention to the issues relating to oceanic preservation and conservation.


Michelle Fleur



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