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Wild Geometry

The planet we live on is teeming with life - mysterious creatures thrive in unreachable unexpected spaces, far away from our cities where our daily lives speed on tangentially.

It was only when I started to spend time in these natural spaces that I was able to really understand and see the wonder behind each of them. With much fascination towards each animal's unique capabilities, mechanisms and survival tactics - I became engrossed in the natural world. How do I carry these memories with me? Or re-create that special moment in a manner that I can share with others? Why do I need to portray these thoughts and feelings? What can I do to understand the creatures that dwell within these spaces better?

It is humbling and awe-inspiring to be in the midst of nature and experience its vast complex inter-connected eco-systems while consciously being immersed within them. The following work is my attempt to express this inexpressible reverence.



Often I cannot explain what I felt or saw in the spaces I’ve visited. This series represents my attempts to re-create and revisit the moment when I encountered the natural being. The process involves taking apart the organic complexity of the creatures and piecing them together in simplistic form through geometric codes –  using colours, textures and my personal associations to depict the essence of their presence, and the ambience of those first enthralling moments of observation.

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