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Wild Portraits

The planet we live on is teeming with life - mysterious creatures thrive in unreachable unexpected spaces, far away from our cities where our daily lives speed on tangentially.

It was only when I started to spend time in these natural spaces that I was able to really understand and see the wonder behind each of them. With much fascination towards each animal's unique capabilities, mechanisms and survival tactics - I became engrossed in the natural world. How do I carry these memories with me? Or re-create that special moment in a manner that I can share with others? Why do I need to portray these thoughts and feelings? What can I do to understand the creatures that dwell within these spaces better?

It is humbling and awe-inspiring to be in the midst of nature and experience its vast complex inter-connected eco-systems while consciously being immersed within them. The following work is my attempt to express this inexpressible reverence.



The act of observation brings us closer to wildlife. When we observe wild animals or see images of them, they are most often surrounded by their natural habitat, and an intrinsic part of their surroundings. Drawing the subject in isolation is my attempt to get to know it even better. This helps me bring focus to the creature to enjoy certain aspects of the individual – forms, colours, textures and patterns – little details that bring out the uniqueness of the species.

This series is inspired by scientific drawings of explorers before the time of the camera, who painstakingly sketched every detail to describe, establish and catalogue the existence of the species. The ink and pencil style pays homage to this realism, while also attempting to capture some of the wonder and awe we experience in the presence of nature.

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