A multimedia design lab dedicated to

environmental communications.


Pooja Gupta

I'm a multimedia artist with a passion that is inextricably linked to the natural world. For over five years, I've used the language of video, illustration, graphics, animation and everything in between to translate any thought, concept or story into visuals.

I have worked with several organisations, field-biologists, scientists and independent researchers 

across the world. It is with a hands-on approach to communication that I effectively engage with a wide spectrum of projects using multimedia storytelling.

Set up at the intersection of art and science, we use a cross-disciplinary approach to make information

accessible and relatable to all.

Whether you are looking to translate your research into effective visuals or to visually communicate an important message that is both aesthetically appealing and easy to understand, we’ll tell your story!


Create visually appealing communications across print and screen media for specific audiences.

Visualise complex information into simple forms that tell layered stories.

Reveal compelling narratives and graphics through audiovisual journeys.

Capture dynamic moments and tell stories 

through sequential frames.

Involve key stakeholders and inspire action through multimedia storytelling offline

and online.

Curating and facilitating field-based educational workshops for participants of different ages and backgrounds.


Let's work together!

Thank you!